Improving the working relationship of social workers and student coordinators toward case management: An action research

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Business Administration


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Decision Sciences and Innovation Dept

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Patrick Adriel H. Aure

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Raymund B. Habaradas

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Rachel A. Quero
Frances Jeanne L. Sarmiento
Maria Victoria P. Tibon
Brian C. Gozun


Purpose. The purpose of this paper is to improve the working relationship of the SWs and SCs towards Case Management and act as a cross-functional team inside the organization aimed at understanding the roles of each team in Case Management, being updated on the case progress, practicing collaboration and open communication and building rapport and establishing a friendly workplace.

Design. This study is in commitment to the insider action research methodology advocated by Coghlan and Brannick (2014). Going through each of the phases of action research, this project improving the working relationship of the two teams has been completed within two cycles to which the use of available existing data and the application of constructive action research tools (first, second, and third-person skills) have been leveraged on. This process has helped align the perspectives of each collaborator and engage in a more transparent action research project.

Findings. As this action research paper comes to a close, an extrapolation to a broader context and usable knowledge has been formulated accordingly. The change process from the status quo to the net effect of an improved (collaborative) working relationship has been showcased. Relevant findings focusing on the three points to hit collaboration in a NGO setting which are self-determination, communion in vision and satisfaction as stakeholders has been realized and discussed further.

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Work environment; Organizational effectiveness

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