An integrated marketing campaign on Tattoo Home Platinum

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Master of Marketing Communications


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In 2009, Globe Telecom launched its Fiber Optic powered network. Also called as GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network), the technology can provide faster telecommunications and data network to its users. In 2012, Globe Telecom brings the technology to its wireline business segment. Called as Tattoo Torque, a GPON powered home broadband was launched with a connection speed of 150mbs the fastest among its category of GPON powered home broadband. However, the Globe Telecoms facilities for this kind of network are limited. Hence, it was only offered to limited residential areas in Metro Manila such as Forbes Park, Urdaneta Village, Bel Air, and Serendra D&E (Makati, Taguig) and Rockwell. Globe Telecoms strategy is to emphasize the premium character of Tattoo Torque brand. It attempted to create a differentiation by introducing it as the upgraded internet connection service because of its speed capacity. To further highlight the differentiation, an add-on priority servicing was included in the brand through its tie-up with Globes Platinum Services. Subscribers of Tattoo Torque were promised with priority servicing through personal relationship managers and discounts from high-end brands such as CK, Michael Kors etc.

Six months after Tattoo Torques launch, the subscriber base only reached a total of 230 new acquisitions- an average of only 38 new acquisitions per month. A post marketing research made by Globe Telecom reveals that a big chunk of the target market is unaware of the product. It is further learned that the name Torque does not resonates any connection with Globe Telecom. With these problems, the broadband marketing team of Globe Telecom decided to re-launch and rename the brand as Tattoo Home Platinum to create better connection and recognition with the existing Tattoo Home brands.

The challenge for Globe broadband team is to create a marketing campaign that would re-launch and introduce the GPON powered home broadband internet service as Globe Tattoo Home Platinum. The main objective is to create awareness, create a connection for the brand with the existing Tattoo brands and increase acquisitions. Another challenge is to provide the most effective and cost-efficient campaign.

The campaign presented in this paper is anchored with the above-mentioned objectives. The paper discusses the maximization strategies to be used through digital and below the line medium. The campaign will be implemented for one whole year with a budget ceiling of 15 million. A detailed discussion of the industry, company, brand and target market are presented in this paper. Media plan, budget summary and creative executions are also created to guide the campaign towards reaching its objective within its allocated advertising budget.

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