An integrated marketing campaign for Traders Hotel, Manila rebranding to Hotel Jen, Manila

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Traders Hotel, Manila was rebranded and managed by Shangri-La in 1995. It has gone through a number of changes in terms of corporate image since then. From Holiday Inn, the hotel was rebranded to Traders By Shangri-La then changed to Traders Hotel then back to Traders Hotel By Shangri-La. Although the brand have generated solid business, carving out a niche amidst a highly competitive industry and building a steady base of loyal customers, it has been living under the cloud of Shangri-La Hotels, which brings about guests expecting equal service and facilities as that of Shangri-Las. It was never a brand of its own hence, the rebranding to Hotel Jen Manila. Two other main factors of its upcoming change are firstly the name Traders was not going to work for the companys intended business direction. It was generic and had inherent associations with trade and commerce, rather than hotels and hospitality. Second, the future direction of the business involves broadening its customer base and more lifestyle positioning intended to appeal specifically to people who have what is increasingly known as the millennial mindset, and not just focus on business travelers, which Traders Hotel Manila is known for.

The concept of Hotel Jen is to create a place where guests feel like they are staying with a friend. Jen is the name of the personality of the brand. Shes a virtual persona. Someone who knows the city someone who values simple pleasures and someone who understands the importance of comfort. Jen represents a set of personality traits rather than demographic traits. Shes a lover of life and adventure of travel and discovery. She loves meeting people and most of all, she loves hosting. Hotel Jen is the brand name for her collection of mid-ranged hotels. Changing the name lets everyone know that the hotel is now managed by the Hotel Jen management team.

With the continuous growth of the travel and tourism field in the Philippines, inbound arrivals and domestic included, the travel accommodation particularly the hotels go hand-in-hand with the escalation of the industry, in spite of the various hotel developments that have been established and is currently being developed in the country. The growth will continue to increase in the next three years as projected with the support and efforts of the government in promoting tourism within and outside the country.

Given the scenario, we want to reach out to the demographic millenials, primarily aged 30-39 (secondary: 25-55), male and female, traveling alone, as a couple, family or group, traveling for fun, work, a night or a week, those who care about comfortable rooms and honest, authentic service expect respect, privacy and efficiency without fuss or intrusion and value cultural insights and interesting experiences.

Considering the low familiarity of the majority (local market) of the brand Traders Hotel, the company may take advantage of the opportunity to promote the new brand to the local market without prior discernment, highlighting its unique selling proposition through a creative communications plan,building awareness to its target market specifically the locals that will create organic reach, maximizing its limited budget and resources.

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