Women in society: A gender and women's studies curriculum guide for high school

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Educational Management

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Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research


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Educational Leadership and Management

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De Jesus, Belen B.

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Oscar Bautista

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Bienvenido Santos
Greg Melchor De Lara


This is a descriptive development action research that focused on the development of a Gender and Women's Studies Curriculum Guide for High School to find out what schools are doing to address the problem of women and girls who are falling victims to rape, incest, battery, sexual harassment and discrimination, and prostitution. Specifically, the study seeks to define and clarify Women's Studies, its historical background, purpose, goals and objectives, as well as determines the characteristics of an ideal high school graduate who shall have gone through a Women's Studies experience identify and select learning content, experiences and resources that would attain the purpose of Women's Studies for high school organizes learning experiences through the preparation of a scope and sequence grid, year-level instructional plans and sample plantillas and provides a pre-test-post-test instrument. The primary sources of data were the vast scholarship and existing literature on women and gender. The participants of the study totaling one hundred and thirty-eight (138) and coming from twenty-six (26) schools consisted of two groups: a) a mixed group of twenty-three (23) respondents: seventeen high school principals and six heads of women's centers and organizations b) a mixed group of one hundred fifteen (115) respondents from sixteen schools: sixty high school students, twenty-two subject teachers, twenty subject area coordinators, eleven guidance counselors, and two curriculum experts.

This study made use of three researcher-made instruments using as guides, J. McKernan's (1996) A Curriculum Action Research: A Handbook of Methods and Resources for the Reflective Practitioner, and J. Palma's (1992) Curriculum Development System: A Handbook for School Practitioners in Basic Education. Significant findings are: a) Majority of the respondent high schools take the teaching of women and gender lightly in Araling Panlipunan and/or Values Education/Religion classes b) No one teacher among the twenty-six respondent high schools in Manila and Quezon City ever taught about women and gender as part of subject matter in Mathematics and c) The respondents expressed a remarkable and significant openness as regards the possibility of integrating women and gender concerns in the high school curriculum. The output of this study, in the forms of a scope and sequence grid, year-level instructional plans and plantillas, is meant to help teachers' first efforts at introducing Women's Studies to high school students. It shall also serve as a long-term strategy and participation on the part of secondary schools to improve the situation of women in society.

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Women--Social conditions; High school student; Females; Curriculum planning; Education--Curricula

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