Achieving transparency in a distributed computing system through shared function process

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Computer Science


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Computer Science

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Arturo I. Concepcion

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Arturo I. Concepcion

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Manuel A. Lopez
Alphonse Chung


This research is to design and implement a shared function process (SFP) for a distributed computing system (DCS) which achieves transparency. SFP is designed such that the user does not know where the service is being executed. It provides an automatic search for the server. Execution by the server is as if the server is located in the local node. Each node in the DCS is totally independent, i.e. it has its own directory, functions and resources. The only objects which are shared are the executable files or function files.

The basic communication technique needed is a file-transfer-protocol (FTP) which runs on an OSI-layered protocol. FTP provides basic communication between each node in the system. OSI-layered approach makes it possible to run in a heterogeneous system. SFP which runs on top of FTP will shield the user from directly invoking FTP.

The design is kept simple and modular so it will spend the minimum overhead for computation of the SFP, and can easily be implemented in any OSI-based network. Therefore, this algorithm has the advantage of transparency and can be used for testing other software applications that run on a DOS.

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Electronic data processing -- Distributed processing

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