Lived experience of teachers transitioning to new curriculum models: A phemomenological study

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Doctor of Philosophy in Education Major in Educational Leadership and Management


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Educational Leadership and Management

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St. Teresa Yasa

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Robert Borromeo

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Roland Nino Agoncillo
Rachel Edita Roxas
Aldrin Darilag
Madelene Sta. Maria


This phenomenological study focused on the essence of transitioning to new curriculum models based on the lived experience of twelve high school teachers from two private Catholic schools in Metro Manila. Utilizing Giorgis descriptive phenomenological method , the study sought an answer to the following question: How do teachers describe their experience of transitioning to new curriculum models? Using the transcribed data interviews with the 12 teacher-participants, 378 life world meaning units were analyzed and transformed into educationally and psychologically sensitive expressions reached through the process of free imaginative variation. A general structure of the transitioning experience emerged from which four (4) constituents were distinguished, namely: (1) the nature of transitioning, (2) stages of transitioning, (3) transition management process, and (4) transitioning outcome thus revealing the essence of the phenomenon of transitioning as follows: Transitioning is a gradual, slow change process which may be psychological and/or emotional in nature experienced through the following stages: having initial resistance, embracing the change, striking a balance, and hitting the target or reaching mastery and managed through a distinct transition process which entails preparation, outlook/attitude, personality and strategies resulting in ones personal growth as a teacher and having an impact on students lives.

An emergent conceptual framework on the meaning of the phenomenon of transitioning is presented along with the implications of the findings for educational leaders, for future researches and final recommendations.

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