The naked truth: A legal analysis of the BJMP's conduct of body searches on jail visitors

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Bachelor of Science in Legal Management

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Civil Rights and Discrimination | Criminal Law


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Commercial Law

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Christopher E. Cruz

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Edward P.Chico

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Lily Ann Padaen
Michael David B. Azucena


This research centers on the topic of body search, an act that has been implemented in the Philippines left to the hands of the police. But as of the last decade, there have been numerous cases concerning BJMP's policy on conduct of body searches on visitors. In the recent years, there have been outcries due to implemented laws that have to do with strip search. Some come out and say they were humiliated by their searchers, some who cry out discrimination in the face of a prohibition on homosexuals being allowed to conduct body searches on the same sex, and there are some who worry about laws that could potentially let ordinary people, and including children and disabled to be subject to strip searched at random. While body searches are an exercise of police power by the state-it can also be the source of many conflicting opinions and discussion.

But as with most things, body search has its pros and cons, and more importantly, it has people who are either in favor or against it. In light of the recent interest on the topic of strip search, the researchers find this study to be both timely and appropriate. It is timely now, in a period wherein human rights are now regarded highly in the international level. The world grows smaller as technology develops, and information is easier to share. Any humanitarian cause could be posted and shared in social media sights and in less than a week, people all around the world will know.

This study aims to critically analyze BJMP's body searches on jail visitors conducted in the Philippines, specifically the provision in the policy prohibiting female lesbian jail guards in conduct body searches to female inmates and visitors.

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Prison visits--Philippines; Prison administration--Philippines, Respect for persons--Law and legislation--Philippines

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