A study on Transcription and Business Process Outsourcing, Incorporated

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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Industrial Engineering

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Polancos, Ronaldo V.

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Atienza, Rumel V.

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Gobaco, Bryan O.


Transcription and Business Process Outsourcing Incorporated is a small to medium business enterprise whose main products is handling marketing databases and data to text transcription. They currently have one client under the transcription section whose process is to convert personal and business calls from the United States based callers into text that will be received by Simulscribe customers via email.

For the time period of April 2007 to January 2008, Transcription and Business Process Outsourcing Incorporated has experienced an overall service quality level of 78% which is 12% below the required 90% set by the clients. This resulted in opportunity losses of Php 84,960.00 and a penalty cost of Php 77,055.00.

The root causes of this problem were identified to be agents experiencing fatigue during the graveyard shift, the equipment having no regular maintenance and agents being confused by the various American English dialects.

A proposed system was developed which addresses the three root causes and consisted of the following components: the implementation of periodic breaks, a preventive maintenance policy, and an American English dialect guide.

The proposed system is expected to improved the service quality level by as much as 15% which translates to a new service quality level of 93%.

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Transcribing services; Text processing (Computer science); Transcription; Systems engineering; Database industry

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