A system study on the printing press of Imageworld Graphic Sales Inc.

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

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Operations Research, Systems Engineering and Industrial Engineering


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Industrial and Systems Engineering

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Jose Edgar Mutuc

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Ronaldo Polancos

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Willy Zalatar


This study deals with the printing production system of Imageworld Graphic Sales Inc. which functions to offer and produce pre-press lay outing and post-press processing. The company provides fully customizable orders that rely on the capabilities of both machine and operators in the company. Imageworld Graphic Sales Inc. is having finished products issues involving returns which have quality issues. The production department of lmageworld Graphic Sales Inc. is where the source of the color fading issues occur. The production department has four sub-departments which are Pre-press, Press, and Post-Press. Most of the color fading issues are incurred during the Pre-Press and Press process. From July 2016 to July 2017, the problem amounted to 298, 025 pieces of output that incurred a total cost of 1,192,100 pesos.

The problem was rooted in seven main issues with the production process, namely: (1) ink is only ordered when stocks are low or shortage occurs (2) random containers are used to mix the CMYK inks (3) machine settings are not stated in the job order sheet ( 4) ink calibration system is only maintained when breakdowns occur (5) variable humidity in the press area with an average humidity of 67.3% (6) plates are only cleaned using a wet towel and, (7) plate are placed in any vacant space available. To solve these problems, the researchers implemented the utilization of 5S to target workplace cleanliness and efficiency, application of machine preventive and corrective maintenance and order specification checklist to avoid mistakes and production issues once the production line has commenced, remodeled the tasks conducted by workers on plate storage, designed computer inventory management for easier monitoring, utilization of spectrometer to attain the color requirements, and application of adiabatic humidifier to uphold the desired humidity level. This was also accompanied by measures to avoid potential problems brought about by the proposed solutions. Overall, the Imageworld Graphic Sales Inc. is expected to reduce the customer rejects by 88.13% and will incur a benefit of Php1,015,231 annually.

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Printing presses—Production control; Printing presses—Quality control; Root cause analysis

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