An integrated marketing communications campaign for Nescafe Decaf

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Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Advertising Management

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Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising


NESCAFE has already been established through its classic variant, which has the strong aroma and memorable flavour. Even though NESCAFE also has other variants such as Gold, 3IN1, and Decaf, NESCAFE Classic would still be the top of mind when it comes to coffee.

Based on the group's surveys and focus group discussions, NESCAFE Decaf is not the top of choice coffee because it does not contain the needed amount of caffeine to perk up a person in the morning. The campaign aims to make NESCAFE Decaf the beverage to be consumed after a hard day's work.

The campaign's objectives are: 1.) To increase sales by 2-5% by the end of the 1st quarter from the start of the campaign launch, 2.) To encourage feedback from consumers to help ensure continuous consumption and repeat purchase, 3.) To heighten awareness and encourage trial of NESCAFE Decaf through the campaign, 4.) To instill in the mind of the target market that NESCAFE Decaf is the beverage of choice at the end of a hard day's work. This will be achieved through activation and communicated through a digital campaign.

The target market for the campaign is composed of male and female professionals, ages 25 to 44 belonging to socio-economic class Broad C. These are professionals that are focused on their work and because of this they are usually stressed and tired at the end of their day. They also are technologically-driven, especially when it comes to their online presence using social networking sites i.e Facebook. This is why the campaign is aimed towards capturing this market and involving them in the activation and also the digital aspect of this campaign.

The thrill that will be produced by the campaign will eventually ignite the curiosity of the people, lead to an increase in social media reach and traffic, encourage trial and purchase, and increase patronage of NESCAFE Decaf.

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