Analysis on the relationship between cyber attacks and sociopolitical events (ARCASE)

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A number of cyber-attacks have been increasing in the past half-decade. There are speculations that these attacks are associated with events in the physical domain. However, there is no empirical evidence to prove or disprove that the attacks in cyberspace are influenced by events happening in the physical world. Though there exist systems like Event Correlation for Forensics which deal with network data analysis, systems like these only deal with data analysis and usually does not deal with correlation between cyber-attacks and events or conflicts in the physical domain. The Analysis on the Relationship between Cyber Attacks and Sociopolitical Events (ARCASE) provides a better understanding to this phenomenon by giving proof whether a cyber-attack is influenced by events or conflicts happening in the physical domain. The ARCASE System formats data acquired from various sources into a uniform manner, processes these data for information, and interprets the information. The ARCASE System utilizes malicious network data to identify possible cyber-attacks from a country and adapts a metric of correlation to determine if a cyber-attack is related to a particular sociopolitical event. Through the analysis undertaken in the study, gives evidence of how sociopolitical events influence cyber-attacks between countries. By establishing the relationship between cyber-attacks and sociopolitical events, the study may be used as an aid in establishing cyber policies between countries as well as security mechanisms within organizations.

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Cyberterrorism; Computer networks--Security measures

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