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DLSU-AKI Policy Brief 2023-11-012

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Policy Brief

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DLSU-AKI Policy Brief 2023-11-012


EARLY THIS YEAR, President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. signed the Philippine Development Plan 2023-2028 (PDP). The document contains hundreds of targets. Some of the key targets to be attained by 2028 are as follows (in fact, the Plan provides yearly targets):

1.) an annual growth rate of 6.5-8% (since 2024); 2.) a gross national income per capita of $6,044-$6,571 (50% higher than that in 2023); 3.) inflation between 2%-4% (from 2.5%-4.5% in 2023); 4.) a government fiscal deficit of 3% (from 6.1% in 2023); 5.) a debt-to-GDP ratio of 48%-53% (from 60%-62% in 2023); 6.) an unemployment rate of 4%-5% (from 5.3%-6.4% in 2023); and, 7.) poverty incidence of 8.8%-9% (from 16.4% in 2023).



Behavioral Economics | Econometrics | Growth and Development | Labor Economics | Macroeconomics


Economic Development Plan; Philippines; Growth

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