Submissions from 2022

Women in corporate boardrooms: Do they matter?, Ailyn A. Shi

Submissions from 2021

Parametric and semiparametric estimation and testing of age effects in selection models: The Philippine case, Lawrence B. Dacuycuy

Submissions from 2013

Emerging Asia equity home bias and financial integration, Rogelio V. Mercado Jr.

Submissions from 2012

Do apples really don't fall far from their trees? A note on the effects of mother's intrahousehold autonomy on the children's autonomy and self-perception, Connie Bayudan- Dacuycuy and Lawrence B. Dacuycuy

2010/2011 rapid assessment of the seal of good housekeeping and performance challenge fund program, Francisco A. Magno, Cristina Rodriguez, Marlon D. L. Era, Gladstone Cuarteros, Ian Jayson Hecita, and Redento Recio

The role of education and government sponsored programs in limiting family size in Pasay, Eastern Samar, and Agusan Del Sur, John Paolo R. Rivera and Kurt Gerrard T. See

Submissions from 2011

On Philippine wage strcutures: Assessing the empirical value of parametric and nonparametric wage functions, Lawrence B. Dacuycuy and Connie B. Dacuycuy

Submissions from 2010

Prospect theory and the financial markets: A review, Paulo Jose M. Mutuc

Submissions from 2007

Valuing recreational and conservation benefits of coral reefs-The case of Bolinao, Philippines, Mahfuzuddin Ahmed, Gloria Magnayon Umali, Chiew Kieok Chong, Mary Franz Rull, and Marissa C. Garcia

On wage density comparisons: Bandwidth selectors and test outcomes, Lawrence B. Dacuycuy

Submissions from 2006

Environmental indicators for small and medium enterprises in the Philippines: An empirical research, Purba Rao, Olivia La O'Castillo, Ponciano S. Intal Jr., and Ather Sajid