Submissions from 2022

Science links: Physics, Marites D. Aquino, Jonna M. Abistado, and Rex S. Forteza

Characterization of airborne fine particulate matter by air sampling and electron microscopy during the 2004 New Year fireworks celebration in Manila, Eric B. Bangsal, Ernest P. Macalalad, Juan Carlos Q. Uy, Tanglaw A. Roman, Edgar A. Vallar, and Maria Cecilia D. Galvez

GeoGebra for mathematics and statistics education, Paolo Lorenzo Y. Bautista

Irreducible T-modules with endpoint r, and the Q-polynomial property, Paolo Lorenzo Y. Bautista

Lecture notes in probability theory, Paolo Lorenzo Y. Bautista

Lecture notes on hypothesis testing and estimation, Paolo Lorenzo Y. Bautista

Constructivism in chemistry teaching, Drexel H. Camacho

Synthesis of new materials through metal catalyzed reactions of C-C multiple bonds, Drexel H. Camacho

One-third of reef-building corals face elevated extinction risk from climate change and local impacts, Kent E. Carpenter, Muhammad Abrar, Greta Aeby, Richard B. Aronson, Stuart Banks, Andrew Bruckner, Angel Chiriboga, Jorge Cortés, J. Charles Delbeek, Lyndon DeVantier, Graham J. Edgar, Alasdair J. Edwards, Douglas Fenner, Héctor M. Guzmán, Bert W. Hoeksema, Gregor Hodgson, Ofri Johan, Wilfredo Roehl Y. Licuanan, Suzanne R. Livingstone, Edward R. Lovell, Jennifer A. Moore, David O. Obura, Domingo Ochavillo, Beth A. Polidoro, William F. Precht, Miledel C. Quibilan, Clarissa Reboton, Zoe T. Richards, Alex D. Rogers, and Jonnell Sanciangco

Tegumental studies of adult Fasciola gigantica (giant liver fluke) from Philippine carabaos (Bubalus bubalis) using scanning electron microscopy for lead bio-indicator analysis, Aimee Caye G. Chang and Mary Jane C. Flores

Impact of antimicrobial use on the antibiotic resistance of Escherichia coli isolates from chickens and fish grown on integrated fish farms, Marichu Florence A. Ciceron, Jose Miguel del Prado, Jeryl Jack Echauz, and Esperanza C. Cabrera

Biodiversity of species of hard ticks (Family Ixodidae) infesting water buffaloes and cattle raised in six study sites in Bulacan, and the association of tick presence with detection babesiosis, Florencia G. Claveria and Mary Jane C. Flores

Glutathione supplementation: An overview, Carlo C. dela Seña

Clastogenicity and antimutagenicity of coconut oil, Ramon S. del Fierro

Surface and electronic characterization of Cu-Zn-Sn shape memory alloys prepared using electrodeless technique, Ronald B. De Los Reyes, Prane Mariel B. Ong, V. Ngo, K. Otake, Gil Nonato C. Santos, Reuben V. Quiroga, A. Amorsolo, and C. P. Alarcon

Growth and structure evolution of SnO2 nanomaterial, Ronald B. De Los Reyes, Prane Mariel B. Ong, V. Ngo, Gil Nonato C. Santos, and Reuben V. Quiroga

Reaction profile and thermal properties of SnO2 nanomaterial, Ronald B. De Los Reyes, Emmanuel T. Rodulfo, Nikko P. Quevada, Gil Nonato C. Santos, and Reuben V. Quiroga

Mortalin - A driver on the crossroads of stress, aging and carcinogenesis, Custer C. Deocaris, Sunil C. Kaul, Kazunari Taira, and Renu Wadhwa

Profiling of oligosaccharides and p53 gene mutation in Filipino breast tumors, Custer C. Deocaris, Jose Donato A. Magno, Michael Joseph B. Cruz, Abelardo-Alan T. Prodigalidad, Azucena C. De Vera, and Sonia D. Jacinto

Electrophoretic studies on induced gynogenetic diploids and triploids in tilapia (O. niloticus and O. aureus), Maria Rowena R. Eguia

Tick infestation in livestock and density in grazed pastures as influenced by local environmental factors and farm management practices in Salikneta Farm, Bulacan, Mary Jane C. Flores

Detection of five polymorphic populations of Boophilus microplus (family Ixodidae) infesting cattle in two pastures with different management practices in Cavite, Philippines, Mary Jane C. Flores and Florencia G. Claveria

Roald Hoffman: The wandering theoretical organic chemist: A review, Francisco C. Franco

Studies on crystal surface defects: Effects to surface chemical reactions and surface electronic properties, Francisco C. Franco Jr., Michio Okada, Hikaru Kobayashi, and Daichi Yamazaki

Final report of the Lake Manguao Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation Project in Palawan, Philippines, Hendrik Freitag

Properties of Eu2+ cryptates and their implications to the development of contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging, Joel Garcia

Cooperative games and solution concepts, Mark Anthony A. Garcia

Game theory preliminary concepts, Mark Anthony A. Garcia

Interval estimation of parameters, Mark Anthony A. Garcia

Probability, Mark Anthony A. Garcia

Structures of perovskite-related layered AnBnO3n+2, Jonathan Guevarra, Sander van Smaalen, Nicola Rotiroti, and Frank Lichtenberg

Number and types of fishing gears in San Miguel Bay: Trends over time and space, Vincent V. Hilomen, Cesar Z. Luna, Francisco S.B. Torres Jr., Joselito Fragillano, Michael Cuesta, Juliet Jovellano, Homar Murillo, and Rose Crusio

Biogeographical notes on the moss floras of Bicol Peninsula in Luzon and the Catanduanes Islands, the Philippines, Virgilio C. Linis

Development of Liewik, academic software, for problem solving in physics, M. K. S. Maano, Wilfred V. Espulgar, J. A. D. Morano, L. V. Catris, Gil Nonato C. Santos, and Reuben V. Quiroga

Temporal and spectral variation of aerosol optical depth (AOD) over Manila, Ernest P. Macalalad, Juan Carlos Q. Uy, Eric B. Bangsal, Edgar A. Vallar, and Maria Cecilia D. Galvez

A computer based laboratory experiment on urbanization and land use using SPARK and My World GIS, Grethel A. Mende, Ruby Michelle N. Buot, Arra Quitaneg, Wilfred V. Espulgar, and Gil Nonato C. Santos

Triterpenes and sterols from leaves of Hoya meliflua Merr, Vincent Antonio S. Ng, Raymond S. Malabed, Fernando B. Aurigue, and Consolacion Y. Ragasa

Characterization of Philippine drug-susceptible and multi-drug resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates through combined 15-locus MIRU-VNTR genotyping and mutation analysis of drug resistance genes, Crist John M. Pastor, Nelia S. Tan-Liu, Maria Teresa A. Barzaga, Dario D. Defensor, Christopher T. Romano, Elsie Marie B. Dela Cruz, Francisco S. Chung Jr., Salvador Eugenio C. Caoili, and Francisco M. Heralde III

Growth and DNA damage in young Laminaria sporophytes exposed to ultraviolet radiation: Implication for depth zonation of kelps on Helgoland (North Sea), Michael Y. Roleda, Dieter Hanelt, and Christian Wiencke

Towards a multi-wavelength depolarization lidar using a coherent white light continuum, Toshihiro Somekawa, Chichiro Yamanaka, Masayuki Fujita, and Maria Cecilia D. Galvez

Photoluminescence and fluorescence of SnO2 nanostructures, S. Sowl, A. Co, Alvin Noe C. Ladines, Ronald B. De Los Reyes, Romeric F. Pobre, and Reuben V. Quiroga

Optimal growth synthesis of SnO2 nanostructures grown on silicon (100) substrate, S. Sowl, Ronald B. De Los Reyes, Gil Nonato C. Santos, Norberto T. Alcantara, and Reuben V. Quiroga

Evaluation of 16S rRNA gene PCR and culture of buffy coat, 16srRNA gene PCR of whole blood in comparison with whole blood culture for detection of bacteremia, Demetrio L. Valle Jr., Jeannie I. Andrade, Esperanza C. Cabrera, and Windell L. Rivera

Submissions from 2021

Ultrafast carrier dynamics and THz conductivity in epitaxial-grown LT-GaAs on silicon for development of THz photoconductive antenna detectors, Jessica Afalla, Gerald Catindig, Alexander De Los Reyes, Elizabeth Prieto, Maria Angela Faustino, Victor Vistro, Karl Cedric Gonzales, Hannah Bardolaza, Valynn Katrine Mag-Usara, Horace Andrew Husay, Joselito Muldera, Neil Irvin Cabello, John Paul Ferrolino, Hideaki Kitahara, Armando Somintac, Arnel A. Salvador, Masahiko Tani, and Elmer Estacio

SCIENVP long exam 1, Joseph Raphael R. Bunao

Use of polarimetric lidar for the study of oriented ice plates in clouds, Massimo Del Guasta, Edgar C. Vallar, Olivier Riviere, Francesco Castagnoli, Valerio Venturi, and Marco Morandi

Low-loss single-mode terahertz waveguiding using Cytop, Glenda De Los Reyes, Alex Quema, Carlito Ponseca, Romeric F. Pobre, Reuben Quiroga, Shingo Ono, Hidetoshi Murakami, Elmer Estacio, Nobuhiko Sarukura, Ko Aosaki, Yoshihiko Sakane, and Hideki Sato

Chemical constituents of Hoya buotii Kloppenb, Virgilio D. Ebajo, Robert Brkljača, Sylvia Urban, and Consolacion Y. Ragasa

A new Liopeltis Fitzinger, 1843 (Squamata: Colubridae) from Pulau Tioman, Peninsular Malaysia, Hannah E. Som, L. Lee Grismer, Jesse L. Grismer, Perry L. Wood, Evan S.H. Quah, Rafe M. Brown, Arvin C. Diesmos, Jeffrey L. Weinell, and Bryan L. Stuart

Submissions from 2020

Bioactivities of Allium longicuspis Regel against anthracnose of mango caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides (Penz.), Dionisio de Guzman Alvindia and Mark Anthony Angeles Mangoba

Biological activities of Moringa oleifera Lam. against anthracnose of mango caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Penz., Dionisio de Guzman Alvindia and Mark Anthony Angeles Mangoba

Hydrogen adsorption on calcium-decorated planar aluminene using density functional theory, D. S. Bayasen, Al Rey C. Villagracia Jr., Gian Ross Pedrosa, H. Lin, Hui Lin Ong, Melanie Y. David, and Nelson B. Arboleda Jr.

Comparing spatio-temporal networks of intermittent avalanche events: Experiment, model, and empirical data, Dionessa C. Biton, Anjali B. Tarun, and Rene C. Batac

High uptake and inward diffusion of iron fortificant in ultrasonicated milled rice, Aldrin P. Bonto, Nichada Jearanaikoon, Nese Sreenivasulu, and Drexel H. Camacho

Sonication increases the porosity of uncooked rice kernels affording softer textural properties, loss of intrinsic nutrients and increased uptake capacity during fortification, Aldrin P. Bonto, Rhowell N. Tiozon, Catleya Rojviriya, Nese Sreenivasulu, and Drexel H. Camacho

A pancreatic cancer detection support tool using mass spectrometry data and support vector machines, Emmanuel Briones, Angelyn R. Lao, and Geoffrey A. Solano


Morphologic characterization of Sarcocystis spp. histologically detected from the diaphragm and tongue of Rattus norvegicus and Rattus tanezumi, Cristina G. Cabanacan-Salibay, Florencia G. Claveria, Hazel Anne Luyon Tabo, Steven Paulo C. Salibay, Augusto C. Sumalde, Mario S. Torres, and Julieta Zabal Dungca

A comparative study on the raw chitin and chitosan yields of common bio-waste from Philippine seafood, James Ryand Cadano, Mariel Jose, Aloysius Gerard Lubi, Joel Nathaniel Maling, Josiah Samuel Moraga, Quinn Yale Shi, Hannah Mae Vegafria, and Chona Camille VinceCruz-Abeledo

On the fold thickness of graphs, Francis Joseph H. Campeña and Severino V. Gervacio

On the fold thickness of graphs, Francis Joseph H. Campeña and Severino V. Gervacio

Compactness property of Lie polynomials in the creation and annihilation operators of the q-oscillator, Rafael Reno S. Cantuba

Lie polynomial characterization problems, Rafael Reno Cantuba and Sergei Silvestrov

Torsion-type q-deformed heisenberg algebra and its lie polynomials, Rafael Reno Cantuba and Sergei Silvestrov

An extension of a q-deformed Heisenberg algebra and its lie polynomials, Rafael Reno S. Cantuba and Mark Anthony C. Merciales

The antioxidant and antiproliferative agents from the bark of philippine alstoniascholaris(L.) r. br.(apocynaceae), Mary Stephanie S. Carranza, Glenn G. Oyong, Virgilio C. Linis, Michael Dominic M. Ajero, and Maria Carmen S. Tan

Fine-scale population genetic structure of dengue mosquito vector, aedes aegypti, in Metropolitan Manila, Philippines, Thaddeus M. Carvajal, Kohei Ogishi, Yaegeshi Sakiko, Lara Fides T. Hernandez, Katherine M. Viacrusis, Howell T. Ho, Divina M. Amalin, and Kozo Watanabe

The complete chloroplast genome of Microcycas calocoma (Miq.) A. DC. (Zamiaceae, Cycadales) and evolution in Cycadales, Aimee Caye G. Chang, Qiang Lai, Tao Chen, Tieyao Tu, Yunhua Wang, Esperanza Maribel G. Agoo, Jun Duan, and Nan Li

Molecular pathogenesis, immunopathogenesis and novel therapeutic strategy against COVID-19, Swapan K. Chatterjee, Snigdha Saha, and Maria Nilda M. Munoz

Multimeric TAT peptides are effective in vitro inhibitors of Staphylococcus saprophyticus, Justin Brian V. Chiongson, Edna M. Sabido, Kuo Ging Lin, Glenn V. Alea, Doralyn S. Dalisay, Shih Hsiung Wu, and Jonel P. Saludes

Lipidomics reveals associations between rice quality traits, Jeanaflor Crystal T. Concepcion, Mariafe Calingacion, Mary J. Garson, and Melissa A. Fitzgerald

Synthesis and characterization of monoclinic gallium oxide nanomaterials for high-concentration ethanol vapor detection, H. M. B. Dela Torre and G. N. C. Santos

Nucleotide sequencing and identification of wild mushrooms from the Philippines, Rich Milton R. Dulay, Esperanza C. Cabrera, Sofronio P. Kalaw, and Renato G. Reyes

Nutritional requirements for mycelial growth of three Lentinus species from the Philippines, Rich Milton R. Dulay, Esperanza C. Cabrera, Sofronio P. Kalaw, Renato G. Reyes, and Ching T. Hou

Structural properties of an S-system model of mycobacterium tuberculosis gene regulation, Honeylou F. Farinas, Eduardo R. Mendoza, and Angelyn R. Lao

Electronic and optical properties of polypyrrole as a toxic carbonyl gas sensor, Francisco C. Franco Jr.

Tuning the optoelectronic properties of oligothiophenes for solar cell applications by varying the number of cyano and fluoro substituents for solar cell applications: A theoretical study, Francisco C. Franco Jr.

Molecular survey of tick-borne pathogens infecting backyard cattle and water buffaloes in Quezon Province, Philippines, Eloiza May S. Galon, Rochelle Haidee D. Ybañez, Paul Franck Adjou Moumouni, Maria Agnes Tumwebaze, Ralph Joselle A. Fabon, Mary Ruth R. Callanta, Kim Joseph E. Labutong, Gloria B. Salazar, Mingming Liu, Jixu Li, Benedicto Byamukama, Yongchang Li, Shengwei Ji, Seung Hun Lee, Adrian P. Ybañez, Florencia G. Claveria, and Xuenan Xuan

Sterols from Echinopsis oxygona (Link) zucc. ex Pfeiff, Rhanney L. Gonzales, Chien Chang Shen, and Consolacion Y. Ragasa

Probing the surface structure via the adsorbed hydrogen atoms – The case of Cu(4 1 0), Jessiel Siaron Gueriba, Wilson Agerico Diño, Seigi Mizuno, and Michio Okada

Publisher Correction: Two-dimensional Dirac particles in a Pöschl-Teller waveguide (Scientific Reports, (2017), 7, 1, (11599), 10.1038/s41598-017-11411-w), R. R. Hartmann and M. E. Portnoi

A computational approach to multistationarity of power-law kinetic systems, Bryan S. Hernandez, Eduardo R. Mendoza, and Aurelio A. de los Reyes

Optimization of oxalate-free starch production from taro flour by oxalate oxidase assisted process, Moni Philip Jacob Kizhakedathil, Suraksha Suvarna, Prasanna D. Belur, Rungtiwa Wongsagonsup, Esperanza Maribel G. Agoo, and Jose Isagani B. Janairo

Structure-based discovery of small molecule APC-Asef interaction inhibitors: In silico approaches and molecular dynamics simulations, Surender Singh Jadav, Stephani Joy Y. Macalino, and Ramesh Alluri

A principal component regression model for predicting phytochemical binding to the H. pylori CagA protein, Jose Isagani B. Janairo

A Screening Algorithm for Gastric Cancer-Binding Peptides, Jose Isagani B. Janairo and Marianne Linley L. Sy-Janairo

Data on the sequence-derived properties of gastric cancer – binding peptides, Jose Isagani B. Janairo and Marianne Linley L. Sy-Janairo

Estimating the effectiveness of gold and iron oxide nanoparticles for hepatocellular carcinoma ablation therapy: a meta-Analysis, Jose Isagani B. Janairo and Marianne Linley L. Sy-Janairo

Insights on the chemical constituents and hydrothermal carbonization of crescentia cujete l., Judith Clarisse Jose, Glenn G. Oyong, Michael Dominic M. Ajero, Irving Chiong, Esperanza Cabrera, and Maria Carmen S. Tan

Metal-dependent Ser/Thr protein phosphatase PPM family: Evolution, structures, diseases and inhibitors, Rui Kamada, Fuki Kudoh, Shogo Ito, Itsumi Tani, Jose Isagani B. Janairo, James G. Omichinski, and Kazuyasu Sakaguchi

High prevalence of carbapenem and extended spectrum β-lactam resistant Escherichia coli from tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) from two wet markets in Metro Manila, Philippines, Taeuk Kang, Glenn Gallego Oyong, and Esperanza Chua Cabrera

Socio-ecological network structures from process graphs, Angelyn Lao, Heriberto Cabezas, Akos Orosz, Ferenc Friedler, and Raymond Girard R. Tan

Current management, conservation, and research imperatives for Philippine coral reefs, Wilfredo Roehl Y. Licuanan

Non-invasive and time-dependent blood-sugar monitoring via breath-derived CO2 correlation using gas chromatograph with a milli-whistle gas analyzer, Cheng Huang Lin, Luo Xian Wu, Kuan Hao Chen, Hsu Feng Lo, King Chuen Lin, Toshio Kasai, Chien Chung Chen, Chung Hung Shih, Maria Carla Manzano, Gil Nonato Santos, Enrique M. Manzano, and Derrick Ethelbhert Yu

In silico strategies in tuberculosis drug discovery, Stephani Joy Y. Macalino, Junie B. Billones, Voltaire G. Organo, and Maria Constancia O. Carrillo

A note on the generator subgraph of a graph, Neil M. Mame and Severino V. Gervacio

Mititoxic properties of Cucurma longa against a major contributor of oral mite anaphylaxis, the grain mite Suidasia pontifica, Mark Anthony Angeles Mangoba and Dionisio de Guzman Alvindia

Phosphine resistance in Psocid, Liposcelis bostrychophila (Psocoptera) in the Philippines, Mark Anthony Angeles Mangoba and Dionisio de Guzman Alvindia

An integrated mHealth app for dengue reporting and mapping, health communication, and behavior modification: Development and assessment of Mozzify, Von Ralph Dane Marquez Herbuela, Tomonori Karita, Micanaldo Ernesto Francisco, and Kozo Watanabe

Asymptotic joint spectra of Cartesian powers of strongly regular graphs and bivariate Charlier–Hermite polynomials, John Vincent S. Morales, Nobuaki Obata, and Hajime Tanaka

Physical characterization of latex from Artocarpus heterophyllus lam. (Jackfruit) and four related artocarpus spp., Maria Rejane J. Nepacina, Virgilio C. Linis, and Jose Isagani B. Janairo