Malabon step-up masterplan


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In Metro Manila, a family should have an income of P17, 713 to meet his basic requirements. Below this poverty threshold, an individual can be considered "poor". At present, there is 40% incidence in the Philippines or 31 million Filipinos living below poverty line. Survival of the fittest as described by social analyst is attributed to each Filipino fighting for his life against poverty. The alarming rate of Filipinos living below poverty threshold in Metro Manila is reflected through attitude, education and local governance. As early as 1980s, the birth of non-government organizations through EDSA 1 that paved way to reach the grassroots. Urban poor development agenda has been a critical issue addressed by NGO sector. Among them is the Philippine Business for Social Progress. It is currently implementing the Strategic Private Sector Partnerships for Urban Poverty Reduction of STEP-UP. This will be implemented in 23 urban poor communities in 9 cities to improve the quality of life of 5,823 households. Malabon is one of the priority city identified.



Households—Philippines—Malabon; Social indicators—Philippines—Malabon; Quality of life—Philippines—Malabon; Community development—Philippines—Malabon

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