Stress between the shelves: A study of DLSU Libraries personnel’s “stress life”



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Stress is not unique to those working in corporate settings. It can also be felt by those in the academe - the administrators and other members of the community, including librarians. The study aims to investigate the “stress life” the library personnel and identify factors which cause their strains. Respondents were all DLSU Libraries personnel who are with the department six months and more. An online survey ran for two (2) weeks to obtained data needed in the study. Frequency, mean, and regression analysis were employed to analyze the data gathered, Incorporating the mean rating of the stress level of all groups, the most stressed group is the 41-50 age bracket. However, the regression analysis yielded a non-significant relationship between stress level and demographic profile. According to the respondents, technology, time pressure and pressure at work stressed them the most, however, when asked to identify stressful instances, most of the responses are on work overload, management and co-workers and patrons. As stress is proven to affect the work, respondents have identified high absenteeism, poor decision making, and low job satisfaction, low morale, and low motivation as effects of stress in their workplace. To manage stress, most of the respondents pray, listen to music, and travel or take a vacation. Finally, the respondents suggested some activities and action for the library administration to help them manage and relieve their stress. The findings of the study suggest that stress is not isolated in any group of personnel. Stress level is manageable as implied by both the highest group means stress level and the group as a whole. This study recommends for (1) review of the Libraries KRAs to streamline projects and events to reduce work overload and pressure on the job, (2) regular dialogue, coffee session of some sorts with the personnel to learn about their situations and/ or frustrations in their work, (3) further study on stressor of librarians in different types of libraries.



Industrial and Organizational Psychology | Library and Information Science


Library employees—Job stress—Philippines

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