Training needs assessment (TNA) on faculty advisers


Student Leadership Involvement, Formation and Empowerment

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One of the requirements of the Office is to create yearly development programs for faculty advisers of the Council of Student Organizations. As an assessment tool, the Office created a training needs assessment (TNA) for faculty advisers to know their common needs, personal interests and receive feedback on the current office and Council of Student Organizations policies and programs. As an end goal, this TNA's purpose is for the Office to come up with a new development program for faculty advisers.
As an overview, this report will explain the rationale of the TNA and aligning it with the needs of the office in one academic year. It will discuss a background of the respondents, process and results. Its focus is mainly on the perspective of the faculty advisers only. It will explain the conclusions derived from it and how it was applied as a tool for creating new programs for the faculty advisers.



Teacher Education and Professional Development


Faculty advisors—Training of; Training needs

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