Case studies on bioenergy policy and law: Options for sustainability

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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations


Sound policy and legal frameworks for bioenergy are necessary to ensure that socio-economic and environmental sustainability considerations are taken into account in the production, promotion and use of bioenergy, with a view to minimizing risks of negative impacts and maximizing benefits in the immediate and long term. Through a series of case studies, this publication aims at identifying specific recommendations for policy-makers and legal drafters to ensure that policy and legal instruments on bioenergy contribute to food security, rural development and environmental sustainability.



Energy and Utilities Law | Energy Policy


"This publication is a joint project of the FAO Development Law Service and the FAO Inter- departmental Working Group on Bioenergy. The authors of the case studies under contract with FAO were Soledad Aguilar (Argentina and Brazil); Aaron Leopoldo (Brazil); Kati Kulovesi (Estonia); Alice Bisiaux (Mexico); Sabrina Shaw, with research assistance from Laura Chook Cheng Lee and Kiratiya Pitisant (Thailand); Mercy Camba (Tanzania); James L. Kho and Aleta C. Nuñez (the Philippines), Elisa Morgera (FAO Legal officer), Kati Kulovesi and Ambra Gobena (both under contract with FAO), edited the case studies and prepared part I and II of the present study. Comments on earlier drafts of this study by Victor Mosoti (Attache du Cabinet, FAO) and Jessica Vapnek (Legal offcer, FAO), are gratefully acknowledged"--Pages vi-vii

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FAO legislative study ; 102


Biomass energy; Biomass energy—Law and legislation; Renewable energy sources—Law and legislation; Sustainability

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