Student evaluation of fully online service-learning on SDGs during the Covid19 pandemic


Center for Social Concern and Action

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DLSU Research Congress 2021

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The COVID19 pandemic intensified the call to make education more relevant to the students by creating opportunities to improve themselves and society. Some universities adopted Service-Learning aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help students hone their life skills and develop values through civic engagement. During the pandemic, universities shifted to eService-Learning (E-SL) or online Service-Learning. This has been the case and response of the De La Salle University (DLSU) - Manila. Prior studies on E-SL have described the process of shifting to this new delivery system and have compared the types of E-SL. However, research on student evaluation of E-SL seems limited and is mostly conducted in western countries. This paper describes the shift from traditional Service-Learning to E-SL. It also reports the results of the student evaluation of a full online Service-Learning experience during the Covid19 pandemic. An online evaluation form composed of four parts was sent to students through Google Form. The results showed that the students acknowledged the role of E-SL in the process of understanding SDGs, learning collaboration and teamwork, and understanding civic responsibility.



Communication | Service Learning


Service learning; Communicative competence

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