Rural mobility project component for ILO Bondoc LED programme: Community cargo bicycle sharing rental system: Final technical and financial report


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


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The Rural Mobility Project: Community Cargo Bicycle Sharing Rental System is a component of the International Labour Organization’s Bondoc Local Economic Development (LED) Programme which was designed as an applied research and implemented as a community-based social enterprise. It helped expand the livelihood and employment opportunities of Catanuan Labour Parents Association (CLPA) members in Barangay Madulao. The project introduced an innovative non-motorized mode of transport utilizing the concept of cargo bicycle-based mobility solution.
Under this project, Twenty (20) cargo bikes with four (4) different designs were introduced and donated: 1) Tribike (with side cab); 2) Tribike (Trailer type); 3) Tribike (with front cargo); and 4) Single bike (with front basket and rear carrier). The Catanauan Laborer Parents’ Association (CLPA) was formed to manage and operate these cargo bikes. It is worth noting that the bikes have generated a good sum of profit and have greatly contributed in addressing the transportation and mobility needs of Barangay Madulao in Catanauan, Quezon Province.
The three-month project implementation was able to surface out three pressing concerns of community members such as access to water, mobility of people and goods, and the capacity to build up a strong entrepreneurial mindset. It was found out that the cost of transporting goods, people, and services is high and unaffordable for households that earn its living from subsistence farming and fishing. Hence, the project now offered a mode of transport that is cost-effective, low maintenance, and inclusive, thus making mobility of all, for all, and by all.



Community-Based Research | Transportation


Rural transit—Philippines—Bondoc; Commercial cycling businesses—Philippines—Bondoc; Rural development projects—Philippines—Bondoc

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