Beacon-TDMA medium access control protocol for wireless sensor


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Intelligent home automation systems allow technologies to be installed within a home to recognize inhabitant including his or her affect and activities then respond accordingly. To provide this functionality, such systems require a large number of sensors to monitor the inhabitants and the environment in the intelligent home. Some of these sensors are deployed to monitor an area and fire when activity is detected. Given the large number of sensors that may be installed in an area, activity in the area may cause multiple sensors to fire at the same time. Using a wireless network to provide the infrastructure for these sensors makes the data from sensors prone to delays and loss due to the shared nature of a wireless medium. As such, the medium access control mechanisms of the network must be capable of arbitrating data transmissions between these simultaneously firing sensors. In this study, a TDMA-based wireless sensor network protocol is developed to be suitable for data transmission in an intelligent home. It is capable of minimizing data loss, while maintaining throughput for the sensor network.



OS and Networks


Wireless sensor networks; Data transmission systems; Home automation

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