Pagpapanday with partners 2010: Building good relations: Training design and process

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Building good relations: Training design and process


Center for Social Concern and Action

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The implementation of CWTS program the past academic year 2009-2010 is truly tough for all stakeholders. One of the major challenges to partners is bringing host families in the realm of CWTS and raising their awareness as co-formators of Lasallian students. Among the repeated observations raised during assessment were non-participation of some host families in major activities, timid attitude, and lack of information regarding CWTS projects, thus the need to promote stakeholder management thru host family orientation/formation should be given emphasis. While orientation/formation is given to host families, other partners particularly non-government organizations (NGOs) also prepare their direct partner POs (Peoples Organization) and the whole community including Barangay Council, church, and schools. Both Lasallian students and CWTS facilitators strongly recommend the participation and presence of other community members and support groups to sustain interventions made. Therefore, there are certain processes and preparations that are required to enhance the partnership. Besides preparing host families and the community, the area coordinators have the task to supervise students in the field. Sometimes they are treated "differently" by some students maybe because they are part of the community and not fully recognized as counterpart of facilators. Moreover, violation of policies and disrespect towards ACs are among the recurring situations that needed responding. Hence, COSCA in coordination with the Discipline Office will provide practical tips on how to handle students for the duration of community service.



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