Human face image proportionality evaluation and enhancement


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A prototype that evaluates the proportionality of human face images and allows enhancement of human face images is developed. Digital image processing is applied to the input image of a human face to detect facial features such as eyes, nose, ears, lips, among others. Marquardt's face masks are built based on the concept of the golden ratio and exhibit perfect proportions of measurements of human face features. Actual measurements of the face features are compared against Marquardt's ideal masks in order to evaluate the proportionality of the input human face. This evaluation can be used as basis by surgeons in improving the proportionality of the measurements of human faces. An image editing toolkit allows users to edit human face images to enhance the proportionality of the measurements of the face image. The face evaluation and image editing system is a significant addition in the field of plastic surgery and other related medical fields. The research introduces a way to automate the building of the ideal mask from a face, of evaluating the face in terms of proportionality, and of manipulating the face features for enhancement.



Computer Sciences


Image processing—Digital techniques; Face—Measurement; Golden section

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