Design and development of a cross flow turbine using finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics for micro hydro applications


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Mechanical Engineering

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1st ASEAN University Network/Southeast Asian Engineering Educational Development Network Regional Workshop

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This study is in line with the trust of the Department of Energy (DOE) of the Philippines with the coordination of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) on new and renewable energy. It is also a priority project of the Center for Micro Hydro Technology for Rural Electrification (CeMTRE) of De La Salle University (DLSU). The main concern of this project is to design develop a cross flow turbine for micro hydro rural electrification. The design of the cross flow turbine in this study uses finite element analysis for the strength while it uses computational fluid dynamics for the fluid trajectory and contour plots. The design parameters of the cross flow turbine where based on the requirements of DOE on potential unelectrified sites in the Philippines with the capacities of 20KW and below. The design of the cross flow turbine will permit different volumetric capacity ranging from 50 I/s up to 322 I/s while the total dynamic head will range from 10m up to 50m with little change in turbine design and construction for ease of fabrication. The cross flow turbine where also designed for local manufacturing. The end result of this study is a complete cross flow turbine design with complete production drawings through the use of interactive software which can be accessed through A manufacturing manual and guide is also provided to fabricate the cross flow turbine.



Fluid Dynamics


Hydroelectric power plants—Design and construction; Turbines—Aerodynamics; Cross-flow (Aerodynamics)

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