Software development for the standardization of the CeMTRE cross flow turbine


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Mechanical Engineering

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This paper presents study in the standardization of the CeMTRE cross flow turbine. The Center for Micro Hydro Technology for Rural Electrification or CeMTRE is aiming to promote its cross flow turbine for micro hydro developers in the country. The main objective of this study is to develop a standard system using software to standardize the CeMTRE cross flow turbine to accommodate different design specification for different micro hydro sites in the Philippines. The CeMTRE cross flow turbine has undergone different studies to determine parameters that cru1 be changed in order to accommodate different design parameters specifically head and flow. Programming took up most of the work for this study as lines of codes have been developed to produce software that represents the CeMTRE cross flow turbine design through the computer. The graphic interface of the software allows a user to input the head and flow of water. The software does all the computation and then displays the technical drawings on the computer screen. The software was designed to print all the necessary working drawings for the fabrication of the turbine. Testing was done through actual fabrication based on the drawings produced from the software.



Mechanical Engineering


"... Developed for the Center for Micro Hydro Technology for Rural Electrification in partnership with the Department of Energy Philippines and the Japan International Cooperation Agency"


Cross-flow (Aerodynamics); Hydroelectric power plants—Design and construction—Software

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