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A. Name of the Firm

The name of the firm is "Travel International and Consulting Company". The firm would like to imply in its name that it caters not just to the local market but also to the international market. The firm hopes to be known as a Travel agency from that can compete with international standards. The firm hopes to develop a name that is synonymous to quality.

B. Location

The Company is currently located at the GF of MG building in Makati. However it would be transferred to a Business Center located at Philippine Stock Exchange Center in Ortigas Center Pasig. This would allow the company to have a more credible address that would also be more accessible to its clients. Also the business center offers services that are essential far the business. The services offered by the Business Center are office space with secretarial service, 24-hour mailbox, and Telephone/Fax machine lines, Board Room. Compared to its current location in Makati, Ortigas Business Center offers more services needed by the company for its operations.

C. Long Range Objectives

Marketing - To develop loyalty among its consumers by in three years developing services and products that are both high in quality and affordable. To position itself as a travel company that specializes in Educational Tourism.

Financial - To be able to achieve profitability in three years. The firm would like to have resources needed for expansion to purchase its own office.

Organizational - The firm would like to develop an attitude of team work among its employees and recognizes that every person is a valuable resource of the firm. The firm hopes to establish itself as a Corporation in its tenth year of existence from a sole-proprietorship.

Service - The firm would develop products and services that are of best quality for its clients and at the same time affordable. The firm would like to be known as a travel agency offering Educational Tourism to its clients.

D. Project Highlights

The firm offers Travel and Tour Services that offer more than the conventional packages. They offer Travel Services to foreigners who would like to tour the country. The company hopes to attract clients both in the domestic and international markets.

E. Findings and Conclusions

The Philippine Tourism Industry is one of the most undeveloped industries in our country today. Though there is an increase in the tourism coming from both international and domestic markets, the Philippines still is far behind its ASEAN counterparts Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. The country however may experience an increase in tourism by the influx of Koreans and Japanese nationals who are studying the English language in our country.



Tourism and Travel


New business enterprises; Business planning; Travel agents

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