Exploring the imago hominis in artificial intelligence


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Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the progress in computer technology situates humanity in a continuing process of designing intelligent machines from mechanical computing devices to vacuum-tube computers to integrated circuit computers. In science fiction films, we were informed about intelligent machines through the characters like K.I.T.T., R2-D2, C-3PO, Commander Data, etc. Moreover, artificial intelligence (AI) project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology brought the development of humanoid robots like Cog and Kismet. With emerging reality of AI, human beings have been given a way to design an image. What image of the human being can be pushed through in designing intelligent machines? Moreover, what is the "image" of a human being? A biblico-theological understanding of creation brings about the recognition that human beings are created in the image of God. How can this AI enterprise give light in our understanding of humanity as created beings in God's image? The continuing process of designing an AI has implications in our own perspective on humanity, as well as, on our life in relation with God and other created beings. The paper uses theory of mimesis in this theological inquiry on human beings as imago Dei or image of God and so as on artificial intelligence in relation to imago hominis or humage image. Thus, the paper does not only present theological understanding of human beings as created in the image and likeness of God. But also delve with the understanding of intelligent machine as a way of re-presenting, re-creating, extending human characteristics and capabilities to act, think, relate, and even live in this world.



Artificial Intelligence and Robotics | Religion


Artificial intelligence; Virtual humans (Artificial intelligence); Image of God; Human beings

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