A proposed technology plan for the Philippine Normal University Library



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The main role of an academic library is to support the academic and community programs of the college or university by providing the necessary resources and services for the academic, research, instructional, and recreational needs of its community. In the past two decades, the unprecedented and rapid pace of advances in information technology has impacted on every aspect of academic library activity. It reshaped the way that libraries acquire, organize, store, preserve, access, retrieve, manipulate, and disseminate information to users.

For the successful utilization of existing technologies in the library and acquisition and implementation of new ones, there should be a developed plan. A technology plan serves as an overview of where the library currently stands, as well as provides a blueprint for how technology assists the library in meeting its mission.

The main purpose of this study is to analyze the current technology environment of the Philippine Normal University Library. Specifically, it aimed to describe the present status of the technological advancements in the PNU Library in terms of facilities, equipment, collection, budget, staff, and services as basis for a proposed technology plan.

The study employed the descriptive method of research. Data were gathered through the use of questionnaire and interview. Respondents of the study were composed of one hundred (100) undergraduate students, nine (9) library staff, the Library OIC and the MIS director. Weighted mean and percentage ranking were used in the analysis of data.

Findings disclosed that the status of the technological advancements in the PNU Library is as follows: In terms of facilities, there is no internet room but users can access the internet using their own laptops via wi-fi connection. In terms of equipment, the library has ten (10) computer units: seven (7) for staff use and three (3) for public use (for OPAC use only). The library system currently used by the library is Athena v.9.2. In terms of collection, the library is not subscribed to any online electronic resources at present. In terms of budget, the smallest percentage of the library budget is allocated for IT systems and development (11.63%). In terms of􀇳 the library personnel rated their computer skills as average (mean = 3.46). They feel that there is a great need to attend seminars on the application of JCT in libraries, specifically topics on information networks, use of e-resources and computer hardware. In terms of services, the students perceive the technology-based services of the PNU Library as poor (mean = 1.95).

Based on the data gathered, the researcher developed a proposed technology plan for the PNU Library which consisted of six areas of concern that need improvement, namely: facilities, equipment, collection, budget, 􀌥 and services. It also included specific objectives, persons involved, target year, desired outcome, and monitoring scheme for each area.

On the whole, analysis of the results of the study indicates that there is a need to improve the current technology environment of the PNU Library. The proposed technology plan may serve as a guide in addressing the existing technology needs of the library. It also provides an action plan in executing the possible enhancements and innovations, managing existing technology and acquiring new ones.



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