Standards of teacher competence on student assessment in the Philippines


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Counseling and Educational Psychology

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The present report outlines the need to come up with a set of standards that specifies Filipino teachers' competence on student assessment. In the Philippines, the teachers' competencies are already specified in the National Competency Based Teacher Standard (NCBTS) and one of the components is assessment. However, there is a need to identify further appropriate competencies and microskills of teachers on student assessment. When these assessment competencies are specified, teachers are better guided in their practice. The development of the competencies recommended is described in four phases. In the first phase, the competencies needs to be identified though focus group discussions and observations of teachers. The best practices in assessment wil be categorized based on the data gathered. In phase 2, instruments will be constructed to assess the competencies among basic education and higher education teachers in the Philippines. Three versions of the questionnaire will be developed: self-assessment, as observed by school administrators, and observed by students. The third phase of the project recommends the dissemination of the competencies, which will be part of a training program in assessment for teachers. The dissemination would involve teacher training, seminars, and symposiums for public and private school teachers. The last phase recommended is the evaluation of the training program that was implemented. The evaluation model will follow the procedures of empowerment evaluation. The final output of the project needs to follow a set of standards of teacher competencies on student assessment that teachers adhere to. This will further develop teaching standards in the Philippines.



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