Laboratory training modules for teaching computer organization and system on programmable chip concepts using the Altera's UP1x Development Board


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Teaching the concepts of computer organization and interfacing in a developing country like the Philippines is greatly hampered by the lack of awareness of the availability of development tools and hardware platforms that offer a wide range of flexibility for training institutions. The absence in the Computer Engineering curricula of courses that use Hardware Description Language such as VHDL or Verilog, makes teaching laboratory courses on computer organization and interfacing limited to the use of off-the-shelf discrete components. There is an increasing demand from local industry to produce technology-driven consumer products. However, the level of skills and capability of Computer Engineering graduates produced by local institutions of higher learning, is not at par with the demands of the industry. This study is a compilation of laboratory activities for an introductory course in Computer Organization or Embedded Systems that will complement lecture courses. The laboratory activities include the design and synthesis of a Complex Instruction Set micro controller core, the design and synthesis of the glue logic to interface the micro controller to a PS2 mouse or PS2 keyboard and a VGA compatible display. Activities also include writing of firmware for the micro controller to control the devices interfaced to it. The designs are implemented on a Flex10K device found in the UP1x Development Board from Altera Corporation. The series of exercises introduces the concept of System On a Programmable Chip, where a complex design is developed and implemented using hardware synthesis software and subsequent design implementation on programmable chip. Through this study, students of Computer Engineering program develop an increased level of awareness on available tools that can be used in designing and implementing fairly complex digital systems. With the study, teaching computer organization interfacing and System On Programmable Chip concepts can is reinforced by hands on laboratory activities.



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