Limestone quarry site Taiheiyo Cement Philippine Corporation, San Fernando, Cebu: Archaeological impact assessment:

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Archaeological impact assessment


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An Archaeological Impact Assessment was conducted by the Center for Environmental, Social and Applied Research Inc. last December 2006 upon the request of Taiheiyo Cement Philippines Incorporated to determine the possible impact of its limestone quarry activities on the involved areas within the political jurisdiction of San Fernando, Cebu. Four (4) barangays would be affected by the limestone quarrying activities of Taiheiyo and as such prior earth-moving activities must be guided by results from an archaeological impact assessment to prevent unnecessary destruction of archaeological resources. Based on the results obtained both from the auger drilling and the foot survey, the covered areas of the limestone quarry sites will not impact on any possible archaeological sites. This does not mean though that when earth-moving activities have commenced and perceived archaeological sites are encountered, all activities must be suspended and allow competent archaeologists to conduct further studies of the affected areas.



Archaeological Anthropology


Archaeological significance—Philippines—Cebu Island—Evaluation; Quarries and quarrying—Risk assessment—Philippines—Cebu Island

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