Making college life easier: A program for St. La Salle scholar


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The De La Salle University being true to its mission of serving the poor and the vulnerable offers different scholarship programs and gives opportunities for deserving but economically disadvantaged students to study in the university. Financial assistance and other supports aid the scholar finish their studies and become productive citizens of our country.

This program development reports the design, implementation and evaluation of a psycho-educational intervention aimed in addressing the college adjustment needs and concerns of the economically disadvantaged students in the university. The program was based on the needs gathered through the Student Adaptation to College Questionnaire (SAQC) by Baker and Siryk (1999) and anchored on his college adjustment theory. College adjustment were categorized into four major subscales namely; academic adjustment, social adjustment, personal-emotional adjustment, and attachment. The program was consisted of three modules with topics on: The power emotional quotient for module 1, Managing college stress for module 2 and Improving self-efficacy and goal commitment for module 3.

From the total 54 scholars, only 7 completed the three modules. Evaluation results and post test revealed that the program was effective in aiding the scholars improve their college life adjustment.



Educational Psychology | Psychology


College students—Philippines—Manila—Psychology; College students—Scholarships, fellowships, etc.—Philippines—Manila; Adjustment (Psychology)

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