Comparison between treatment of KSWW only and mixture of KSWW and WMWW using subMBR


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Chemical Engineering

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Submerged MBR ultrafilter hollowfiber membrane was used to treat ‘higher‐load’ grey water: (a) kitchen‐sink wastewater only, and (b) a mixture of kitchen‐sink wastewater (KSWW) and washing‐machine wastewater (WMWW). Reactors were operated at HRT of 4, 7, 12 and 24 hours for both types of wastewaters. Appropriate loading rate to be supplied to the system was determined by monitoring the organic matter removal, N and P. This paper presents the result of treatment at HRT of 12 hours. The COD of permeate and reactor exhibited stable conditions at HRT of 12 hr. However, the values were higher in the system treating a mixture of KSWW and WMWW than the KSWW only, even though operated at the same condition. This indicated that washing machine wastewater has component that is not completely biodegraded. Moreover, nitrates and phosphates were detected at reactors and permeate with longer HRT (12 and 24 hours). UF membrane results low flux. Therefore, further investigation using a microfilter membrane will be considered in the future.



Chemical Engineering


Sewage—Purification; Membrane reactors; Ultrafiltration

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