Management of paper sludge as a component of material used in construction


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Air and Waste Management Association-Philippine Section 1st Annual Convention

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A country’s development is gauged by its urbanization and economic growth. However, as the move towards full development takes place, problems related to the environment preservation crop up. Environmental issues and concerns arise. One of the serious concerns bothering every developing nation is proper disposal and management of solid waste. When waste ends up where it is unwanted, it becomes useless, causes pollution and poses a health risk. However, if used in the right place, it becomes a valuable resource.

In this paper, the researchers would like to share their investigation on the viability of using paper sludge, an industrial waste generated by paper mills factories as an alternative materials applied as a partial replacement of fine aggregates in manufacturing fresh concrete intended to be used for low cost housing projects as well as partial replacement for materials of construction used in various masonry products. This study focuses on the following criteria: comparison of physical properties which includes gradation, moisture content, specific gravity and absorption of paper sludge versus ordinary river sand, the chemical properties and the quality and durability of concrete with paper sludge in terms of compressive strength, tensile and flexural strength.

Based form the results of the study, the paper sludge can be used as substitute for fine aggregates in fresh concrete but shall be limited to non-load bearing concrete products like CHB mortar filler, plastering materials, decorative mouldings and floor slabs used in low cost housing projects. The most suitable mix proportion is the 5% to 10% replacement of paper sludge to fine aggregates, which resulted in 10% to 20% reduction of concrete strength. The reduction of concrete strength can be attributed to the high water absorption and the absence of silica compound in paper sludge, which is essential for bonding and structuring of fresh concrete.



Civil and Environmental Engineering


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Aggregates (Building materials); Paper mills—By-products—Testing

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