Building on DLSU's brand and reputation through email marketing: DLSU connect: Materials development report

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DLSU connect
Materials development report


Strategic Communications

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This paper discusses the new initiative of the Office for Strategic Communications of De La Salle University called DLSU connect. DLSU connect is an HTML-based email newsletter aimed to address the growing need to establish constant communication with the university’s alumni, as well as academic and industry partners. As a direct marketing tool, it provides relevant information about the university to its stakeholders, with the objective of generating awareness on DLSU events and achievements that will ultimately build on the reputation and brand of DLSU.

This study highlights the importance of email marketing as an effective tool in promoting a product or brand. Even with today’s ongoing social media trends, marketers still rely on email marketing as a cost-effective and efficient tool to reach out to intended audiences.



Advertising and Promotion Management


Electronic newsletters; DLSU Connect (Newsletter); Electronic mail marketing

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