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Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education

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“Speak English? You’re hired!” this is in various universities and colleges just one of the numerous slogans circulating in various universities and colleges in the country promoting the use of the English language as a medium of better communication. “The Philippines does have a good reason for its optimism in using English as a passport to better times. English remains the lingua franca of business and high-level government. It is again the medium of instruction in all school levels, as mandated by non other than the president of the country. It is even gaining popularity among the young because of the Internet, in which information are mostly written in English, and is being subtly spread among the masses through millions of cheap VCDs of Hollywood movies.” But to what possible extent could this English proficiency campaigns be properly implemented to yield the best results? Program and policy direction based on strategic information or data creates the framework necessary to achieve its desired objectives. With this premise in mind, this paper therefore seeks to establish aa theoretical baseline in the tactical formulation of college-based English proficiency campaign, which would eventually lead to other similar researches on the aforementioned ontological focus.



English Language and Literature


English language—Study and teaching—Philippines

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