The acceptance and level of attainment of the SPUQC vision-mission as perceived by the stakeholders in the High School Department


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business

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The study aimed at measuring the acceptance and level of attainment of the vision-mission of St. Paul University Quezon City (SPUQC) as perceived by the stakeholders in the High School Department. As a descriptive research study, a questionnaire based on the SPUQC vision-mission was designed to gather data from respondents from various sectors namely: the parents, faculty, staff and senior high school students.

The study revealed that 100% of the faculty, staff and parents expressed acceptance and support of the vision-mission of SPUQC and this was attained through the implementation of the school’s strategic plans which also earned positive remarks.

Training and education in SPUQC generally received a very good rating among the parents and senior high school students who gave positive remarks. Integral Christina education and quality instruction were reiterated by respondents as motivating factors for enrolling in SPUQC. Aside from these, the parents and high school students were happy with the values inculcated through different activities integrated in the curriculum. They also valued the qualities nurtured by the institution to help graduates in their dealings with other people and in serving society. On the other hand, there were still a lot of things to improve as shown by general ratings of very good which still leaves room for an excellent rating. Suggestions were also offered by stakeholders that could help the institution maintain its high standard of instruction. Student care and development could be achieved further through exposure to interschool competitions besides training that could enhance the students’ skills and talents, and open communication between the students and administration. The results of the study could be the bases for the administration’s work for its continued improvement.



Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Educational Administration and Supervision


St. Paul University Quezon City (Philippines)—Administration; Mission statements; Strategic planning

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