Introducing lesson study in a remote island in the Philippines: testing the waters

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East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Education (6th : 2013 : Phuket, Thailand)


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


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6th East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Education

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This paper deems to make explicit several issues that surfaced during a seminar-workshop that introduced Lesson Study to teachers, administrators, university instructors, and pre-service teachers in Caluya, Antique-a remote island in the Visayas area of the Philippines. After the concept of Lesson Study was presented, demo-teaching and micro-teaching were done in the desire to elicit certain conceptions that the teachers in Caluya hold regarding mathematics classroom instruction. This activity appeared to be very important as engaging in Lesson Study palpably has an intimate connection with the 'lesson' itself. One of the main issues that emerged was the teachers' conception of what a non-traditional lesson is, as they were predisposed to associate it with the use of visual aids and games, even if these were not used towards the reinforcement of the mathematical organization aimed for student learning. Moreover, institutional conditions and constraints were also tackled. However, the participants appeared to be resolved that proper attitudes are needed if they want to improve the status of education in their province. Finally, the issue on sustainability and support, if they want to seriously commit to the ideas being put forward by Lesson Study, appeared to be one of the main concerns of the participants. Using the data and results from this empirical case, the intent of this paper is to contribute to the ongoing and growing reflections on the transferability or replicability of Lesson Study in cultural and institutional settings other than Japan.



Education | Teacher Education and Professional Development


Teaching—Philippines—Antique; Classroom management—Philippines—Antique; Teachers—Training of—Philippines—Antique

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