Librarian as researcher and knowledge creator: Examining librarian's research involvement, perceived capabilities and confidence



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This paper seeks to investigate the current research practices of Filipino librarians, examine their confidence with the research process, determine how they learned their research skills, and explore their research involvement and productivity from 1993-2013. A survey was conducted to determine the research performance and participation, perceived capabilities and confidence, and training needs of librarians from different types of libraries in the Philippines. Published works and paper presentations of licensed Filipino librarians were also analyzed using informetric technique to examine the research patterns and to identify which Library and Information Science (LIS) fields have highest number of research papers. While majority of the librarians have conducted research after completing their bachelor and/or master’s degrees in LIS, there is no predictable trend of research growth between 1993 and 2013. The number of librarian-researchers as well as the publication of research findings was quite insignificant, thus knowledge sharing among Filipino librarians is not a prevailing research activity. The contributions of practitioner-researchers are higher than academics-researchers. Most librarians preferred conducting research individually. Findings revealed that research outputs are heavy on the Information Industry Economics and Management. Although majority of the respondents believe that their LIS degrees prepared them to conduct original research, they feel the need for training on designing conceptual/theoretical framework, statistics, and reporting results in written format. Filipino librarians need to engage in research not just for the benefit of the patrons but for professional development as well.



Evidence-based library science—Philippines; Library science—Research—Philippines; Information science—Research—Philippines; Librarians—Philippines

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