Performance compliance of Philippine national government agency on the Data Privacy Act of 2012: A qualitative case study


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


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ACM International Conference Proceeding Series

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The “Data Privacy Act of 2012” also known as the Republic Act No. 10173 of the Philippines aims to safeguard the personal data of its citizens, this gave rise to the creation of the National Privacy Commission (NPC) in 2015 and this agency is tasked to oversee and enforce the DPA of 2012. This case study aims to explore and understand the underpinning reasons on how the Department of Health (DOH) will comply with RA 10173 and to identify the challenges and determinants to success of the DOH relative to compliance. The research will implore (Yin, 2014) case study method that uses single case holistic design with common rationale and pattern matching for its analytics. This study uses the e-Commerce Act as the moderating variable with DPA 2012 and the determinants of compliance are deterrence, legitimacy and moral obligation. Also, the challenges that were identified in the research were the lack of awareness, budget priorities, and human capital capacity. © 2018 Association for Computing Machinery.


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Civil Law | Computer Sciences | Privacy Law


Compliance; Compliance auditing--Automation; Data protection—Law and legislation--Philippines

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