Philippine component of the network-based ASEAN language translation public service


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2014 International Conference on Humanoid, Nanotechnology, Information Technology, Communication and Control, Environment and Management, HNICEM 2014 - 7th HNICEM 2014 Joint with 6th International Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics, co-located with 10th ERDT Conference

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Communication between different nations is essential. Languages which are foreign to another impose difficulty in understanding. For this problem to be resolved, options are limited to learning the language, having a dictionary as a guide, or making use of a translator. This paper discusses the development of ASEANMT-Phil, a phrase-based statistical machine translator, to be utilized as a tool beneficial for assisting ASEAN countries. The data used for training and testing came from Wikipedia articles comprising of 124,979 and 1,000 sentence pairs, respectively. ASEANMT-Phil was experimented on different settings producing the BLEU score of 32.71 for Filipino-English and 31.15 for English-Filipino. Future Directions for the translator includes the following: improvement of data through changing or adding the domain or size; implementing an additional approach; and utilizing a larger dictionary to the approach. © 2014 IEEE.


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Machine translating--Southeast Asia

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