Elucidation of essential maps for 4Cs and informationmedia literacy

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Elucidation of essential maps for 4Cs and information media literacy


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Science Education

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ACM International Conference Proceeding Series

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Curriculum development is a dynamic process of iterating multiliteracy which inspires the creation of knowledge and enable to prepare students to meet the challenges of the modern world. Driven by societal imperative and contextual relevance, ideally, the 21st century learning skills and information-media literacy skill shall provide the backbone of Science teaching. Thus, this Action Research aims, to elucidate the integration of 4Cs (communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity) as well as to trace the development of information-media literacy and skills through essential mapping technique in order to support the ongoing implementation of the recently crafted Junior High School Science curriculum of the Philippines. As a result, learning activities promoting 4Cs are limited to: performing scientific investigations; role playing; chart & poster making; improvisation & demonstration activity; story making; role playing; multi-media & visual presentation; and simulation activity. The information-media literacy can be developed by the following learning strategies: multimedia presentation; group reporting; performing scientific investigations & experimentations; debating activity; modelling, role playing & simulation activity; portfolio making; improvisation & modelmaking activity; concept making; and diagram making & illustration activity. Problems such as the platforms, the teacher's socio-economic status, tedious teacher's tasks, and lacking support from the community & other stakeholders affect the implementation of the curriculum framework. © 2019 Association for Computing Machinery.


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Science and Mathematics Education


Media literacy--Philippines; Information literacy--Philippines

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