A sustainable model for Philippine private schools


Tomas S. Tiu


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Financial Management Department

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This study found statistical significance for determinants of sustainable private hospitals through an integrated framework of key drivers of three hospital management areas namely health care governance, health care management and health care regulatory compliance and developed a comprehensive scoring and ratings model and results suggests that private hospitals adapting the 17 sustainable factors show good governance, delivery of quality healthcare management and compliance of regulations. Previous studies covered some hospital aspects independently. Using a 6-point structured survey questionnaires on 11 selected large Philippine private hospitals with Cronbach alpha of 87.17%, high mean score results of the 17 factors ranging from 3.94 to 5.65 indicating superior to excellent overall health care management. Performed factor analysis found 17 factors statistically significant with reliability coefficients of 0.947 and 0.855 explaining 67.99% of data variation, while Friedman test showed 16 factors statistically significant with p < 0.05. Benchmarking with U.S. hospital financial medians, findings showed selected large Philippine hospitals financially healthy and sustainable with majority showing statistically significant median differences using Mood’s Test. Fixed effect panel data found profitability by asset use to grow net patient revenues, healthy operating margins, and efficient asset use to attract patients and generate profits statistically significant with Hausman Test chi-square (χ2) value of 0.00. Price through cost of services partially affect patient’s choice in choosing a hospital, but multiple regression showed equipment age had little effect on patient’s hospital choice. A developed hospital star rating model showed statistical significance through Jonckheere-Terpstra test with the value of standardized statistics -3.005 and p-value of 0.003. The study suggests adoption by regulators and other healthcare stakeholders of the integrated factors for sustainable private hospitals.



Health and Medical Administration



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