Organizational commitment in relation to work values of physical education instructors in private higher educational institutions


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Physical Education

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DLSU Research Congress 2020

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The study focuses on the organizational commitment in relation to work values of the fifty three full-time and part-time Physical Education instructors in three campuses of a private higher educational institution. Descriptive method of research was utilized in this study since it is concerned with the analysis of the present conditions which may lead to the identification of the strengths and weaknesses of these institutions. Focus group discussion with the physical education instructors were also employed and finally, standardized survey questionnaires on Organizational Commitment developed by Meyer & Allen (1997) and Work Values Inventory by Manhardt (1972) were used in the acquisition of data needed in the study. Findings revealed that based from the three dimensions of organizational commitment such as the affective commitment, continuance commitment and normative commitment, respondents were committed to the organization they are currently working at but still hoping for more effort from the administration’s end in order to strengthen faculty’s motivation. Meanwhile, as to the work values of the respondents based from the three dimensions such as comfort and security, competence and growth and status and independence, the data implies that the respondents rated all the dimensions under work values as very important. Result have shown that there was no significant relationship between the organizational commitment and work values of the Physical Education instructors from the three private higher educational institution.



Health and Physical Education | Organizational Behavior and Theory


Organizational commitment; Physical education teachers

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