Mediating effect of technology adaptation model to employee attitude on training and employee productivity: An assessment of effectiveness of e-training and e-learning, to strategic human resource management of Fourth Industrial workspaces


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Decision Sciences and Innovation Dept

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7th National Business and Management Conference

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Information technology has been the forefront in advancement and changes in any industry, with its widespread effect in the almost all areas of the society. This led to the rise of diverse and non-standardized approached to employment, being without borders, and the increasing needs for adaptability to the changing landscape. People needs to be relevant, and the pressure for Human Resource Management to be strategic in its approach to handle the pressure of changes, and the shifts of the global economy, domestic diversity, reliance to technology as enabler to propel resources into new directions for the organizations.
The increasing number and complexity in the workspaces continue which resulted to the reliance on the capability of formal education and continuous trainings to educate the workforce provided the challenges for human resources to qualify to perform the complex processes and ensure retention of jobs in the fast-evolving working spaces.
In this study, information technology will be assessed on its usage as a tool to deliver training and manage learning of employees in the organization, and its effectivity. The research aims to answer, does e-learning enhances the knowledge, skills, satisfaction, and judgement of employees suited in the fourth industrial workspaces.



Human Resources Management | Technology and Innovation


Labor productivity—Effect of technological innovations on; Employees—Training of; Industry 4.0

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