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ICCE 2018 - 26th International Conference on Computers in Education, Main Conference Proceedings

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© 2018 Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education. All rights reserved. Mathematics is a subject that is often stigmatized and avoided by students because of its uninteresting methods. Mathematics teaching prioritizes the improvement of basic skills as opposed to developing mathematical thinking. Yet, to achieve mathematical thinking, conceptual understanding must be first obtained. However, every individual may not have the same approach in learning a concept, thus individualized learning is important wherein each student has their own learning pathway. These methods can be translated into a video game which would make learning geometry, which is a branch of mathematics engaging and interesting. Video games can provide an immersive environment and can provide incentive for the player to keep playing thus, they keep on learning. A Game-based Intelligent Learning Environment (GILE) integrates the methods of intelligent tutoring system into a game environment, refining the learner's mastery of a topic by adjusting the problems in the game with reference to a learner model. This paper discusses the components of a GILE, the design of a geometry game on the domain of angles and triangles that would promote conceptual learning, and the game's preliminary evaluation of its mechanics and player enjoyment. Preliminary results indicate that the game has features that are both engaging and suitable for Geometry learning. This research offers insight into Game-based learning and the use of a learner model in educational games that make individualized learning possible and engaging.


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