Assessing students' learning competencies and socio-emotional learning skills during online distance learning

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Teaching Major in Chemistry

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Chemistry | Online and Distance Education


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Science Education

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Maricar S. Prudente

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Voltaire M. Mistades

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Drexel H. Camacho
Socorro E. Aguja


This study is to assess the academic performance and socio-emotional learning skills of grade 11 chemistry students during the online distance learning (ODL). This study utilized an action research design using a quasi-experimental approach. There are 70 respondents from an all- boys senior high school under the ODL setup. This study aimed to assess the academic performance of the students through their unit tests scores (knowledge) and performance task outputs (skills), as well as their perceptions to learning using their E-Portfolio (attitudes). The Socioemotional Skills Domains of Science Students Questionnaire (SSD-SSQ) was administered at the end of the ODL setup to determine the socio-emotional skills of the students. Chi-square Test of Independence using phi- and Kramer’s V effect size, is used to determine the association and strength of correlation between the socio-emotional skills of the students with their academic performance. Thematic Analysis is utilized to generate and analyze the perception of the students towards learning. The study revealed a general average performance both in their unit test scores and performance task results; and showed high average socio-emotional skills. Four major themes were generated from the student’ s attitudes and perceptions to learning: opportunities to express, awareness and management of emotions, variation of activities, and interaction and support system. This study showed that the level of socioemotional skills has a high correlation with the students’ academic performance during the online distance learning set-up.

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Academic achievement; Distance education; Chemistry—Study and teaching

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