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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Psychology Major in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

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Elementary Education and Teaching | Industrial and Organizational Psychology | Secondary Education and Teaching


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Homer J.Yabut

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Gerald B.Penaranda

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Melissa L. Reyes
Marshall Valencia


The presence of high job demands among teachers make them susceptible to burnout. Academic administrators should increase their attention to the educators’ work engagement as it is related to favorable work-related outcomes benefitting the students as well. This current study extends the Job Demands-Resources (JD-R) model by examining the predictive and moderating role of personal resources (psychological capital) in work engagement. The data from a total of 273 teachers from selected elementary and secondary schools were included in the study. Hierarchical regression analysis was utilized to understand the objectives of this research. Results show that supervisor support, hope, self-efficacy, and optimism were positively associated with work engagement whereas work overload was found to be negatively associated with it. Nonsignificant findings among student misbehavior, co-worker support, and resilience were established. Hierarchical regression analysis results indicate that among components of psychological capital, only the hope construct serves as a protective factor between teacher’s work overload and their engagement at work. For the student misbehavior-work engagement relationship, only the self-efficacy component emerged as a moderator. The findings also partially support the hypothesized buffering effect of hope between work overload and work engagement and self-efficacy between student misbehavior and work engagement. Research findings highlight the importance of supervisor and teacher relationships, time management training, and hope- and efficacy-based intervention programs in promoting engagement at work. Keywords: job resources, job demands, work engagement, personal resources

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Teachers--Philippines; Work; Burn out (Psychology); Self-efficacy; Teacher-administrator relationships

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