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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Psychology Major in Clinical Psychology

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Clinical Psychology


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Roberto E. Javier, Jr.

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Maria Caridad H. Tarroja

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Ma. Angeles Lapeña
Jim Rey R. Baloloy


Stigma of seeking psychological help is a significant barrier to help-seeking for psychological distress. Various anti-stigma campaigns utilize mental health literacy programs expecting an upturn in help-seeking. By integrating parts of the Modified Labelling Theory (Link et al, 1987, 1989), the Health Belief Model (Rosenstock, 1966, 1974, Rosenstock et al. 1988) and the Help-Seeking Process (Rickwood & Thomas, 2012), a moderated mediation model was conceptualized theorizing that self-stigma mediates the negative link between public stigma and help-seeking both in terms of intention and behavior, and mental health literacy moderates the stigma – help-seeking links by serving as a protective factor. A total of 258 adults from the province of Albay mainly from rural communities completed measures of the variables. Findings revealed that public stigma strongly predicted self-stigma, but neither public stigma nor self-stigma acted as potent barriers to help-seeking intention and behavior. Andrew Hayes' PROCESS macro mediation and moderation revealed that self-stigma does not mediate the link between public stigma and general help-seeking intention and behavior, and mental health literacy did not moderate the relationship between public stigma and self-stigma, as well as self-stigma and help-seeking. It was found, however, that mental health literacy was significantly negatively associated with public and self-stigma while significantly positively linked with help-seeking intention. Possible explanations including the context of the community sample were elucidated. Clinical implications and recommendations were discussed.

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viii, 89 leaves


Distress (Psychology); Mental health; Health literacy; Stigma (Social psychology)

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