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Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign

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Master of Marketing Communications

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Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


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Warren Erving Go

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Benison Cu

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Iris Ostrea
zGab Lopez


When the pandemic started, lockdowns began to unfold. Stocks dropped drastically across all types of markets affecting big and small businesses. Hundreds of flights were cancelled, public places are closed indefinitely, and people had to adjust to the sudden change of the times. Schools closed down, cancelling all classes at all levels. Mass layoffs happened and for those employees lucky enough to stay in their companies, work shifted from face-to-face to work-from-home–blurring the lines between work and home.

However, for Ian Constantino and Gab Lopez, it was the opening they needed to start creating their own business–Ento’s Lechon Belly. Ento’s Lechon Belly sells same-day delivered homemade lechon belly marinated with 12 special herbs and spices and with pork skin “crispy-fied” to perfection that can stay crunchy even after 24 hours. They also have other products like Crispy Liempo Thins and Abella’s Chuuka Timplado.

The main goal of this integrated marketing communications plan is to increase Ento's Lechon Belly’s brand awareness and position itself as an affordable lechon belly provider that can be made available even on normal days. The three main objectives of this campaign are (1) to establish the brand as a competitive lechon belly provider through cohesive branding and strategically crafted message, (2) to increase brand awareness among millennials residing in Manila City from 12% to at least 80%, and (3) to reach at least 3,000 likes and follows on Facebook, 1,000 followers on Instagram, and 1,000 followers on TikTok.

The marketer gathered data using a Usage, Awareness, and Image (UIA) survey that was administered online through Google Forms. The questionnaire had 165 male and female respondents who reside in Manila City with ages 20 years old and up. A Focused Group Discussion was also conducted among 6 participants wherein they were served Ento’s Lechon Belly to taste. Results of the survey showed that the majority of the respondents are exposed to social media for 4 hours and up and are adept at using it through smartphones. In addition to that, the majority of the respondents fall under the income category of lower and upper middle income earners. Some of their behavior towards special occasions include celebrating them with their family and friends at home. The participants were also asked about their familiarity with Ento’s Lechon Belly and it was apparent that they are not aware of it. However, when asked if they would be willing to try the brand’s lechon belly, the majority of them said yes. The top factors they consider in buying a lechon belly are (1) crispiness (83.6%), (2) flavor (75.2%), and (3) quality (68.5%).

With the industry analysis, brand audit, and survey results, it was found that the best target market for Ento’s Lechon Belly is middle-class working millennials residing in Manila who love finding things to celebrate every single day. In turn, the proposed big idea communicated that Ento’s Lechon Belly is an everyday provider of lechon belly that can make any millennial’s normal day special.

This integrated marketing communications plan will roll out for six (6) months starting April 2023 to September 2023 following the AIDA Model which is also divided into three phases: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

The budget of this campaign is set at P50,053 with social media marketing having the most allocation. This proposal aims to grow the following of Ento’s Lechon Belly on social media, create brand awareness, and help increase Ento’s Lechon Belly’s sales by up to 10% or at least Php 164,494 which is a 68% increase from the sales of 2022 within the given period. This will be done by utilizing social media marketing, public relations, and promotions. Furthermore, monthly monitoring through the use of online tools will be done to ensure the effectiveness of the campaign.

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Food service—Philippines—Marketing; Internet marketing—Philippines; Consumer behavior—Philippines

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